Wine Bottle Labelling in New Zealand

Not all wines are created equal. A great wine captivates senses and tells stories only winemakers know. Yours must gain an edge over the competition to attract more attention and sales. Convince your customer that your wine is great even before they open the bottle and take a sip. Let the label do the talking!

More businesses are realising that labelling can make or break their first impression and affect their branding. Whether you are introducing your brand of wine or you are planning to change your label, Unimax is here to help. We specialise in designing and printing wine labels in New Zealand.

Why choose Unimax?

  • A range of materials and processes – With the range of different materials and different processes to choose from, your wine will tempt customers with beautifully printed custom wine bottle labels.
  • High quality papers and films – Make your wine stand out with labels printed on high quality glossy papers, matte papers and shiny foil films.
  • Cutting-edge printing technology – Thanks to our printing technology, we print labels in vibrant colours and in high resolution. The quality is so incredible that you would not believe how good your wine labels would look.

Selling with Style

Whilst your wine should speak for itself, you cannot underestimate the power of proper labelling when it comes to promoting your brand. That piece of adhesive stock printed with custom graphics and elegant text frames will give your brand a stronger shelf appeal. If you want to maximise the benefits of labelling your wine, you must do it right. At Unimax, it is our expertise. We call it selling with style.

We have worked with many local and international brands. We know which design, layout or material will work best for your wine label. Our team will work closely with you to meet your expectations and budget requirements. We will send you a detailed proposal after discussing your needs, goals and preferences.

It’s about Quality, Speed and Compliance

We stand firmly behind all our products. Using the latest printing technology and finishing methods, we are able to produce high quality wine bottle labels. We value the trust that clients give us, so we make sure all orders are delivered on time. When it comes to compliance, Unimax leads the industry. We are experts in local and international regulatory requirements for food and beverage labelling.

Let your brand stand out on the shelf. Contact us today so we can print your New Zealand wine labels right away.

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