Peel and Reseal Labels or Sandwich Labels

Peel and reseal labels or sandwich labels are resealable, double-layered labels. The top layer of peel and reseal labels can be completely removable or hinged to be lifted and resealed again and again.

Additionally, products connected with grease, ink, oils, or even chemicals as well as those kept in damp environments are most suited for sandwich labels.

Common applications and benefits include:

  • Product usage instructions, Caution or Warning information
  • Multiple languages
  • Compliance data
  • Recipes, hints & tips or preparation
  • Nutritional facts
  • On-pack promotions

Peel-reseal labels provide a number of benefits:

  1. They can still include up to 5 panels of copy while being more affordable to create than booklet labels.
  2. They can be produced for manual or automatic applications and are also very conformable to sharp radiuses.

Here why you need peel-and-reseal labels:

  1. There must be a home for regulatory fine print.Manufacturers of pharmaceutical and nutraceutical products are particularly susceptible to shifting regulations governing the information necessary to be printed on their over-the-counter packaging of small-sized products.The Food and Drug Administration and other industry regulatory groups mandate that many product labels in this category include substantial information such as nutritional values, component lists, usage instructions, and warnings/side effects. Combined with type-size requirements, this makes the multi-layer adhesive label the natural choice.
  2. Multiple languages, diverse markets.
    A peel and reseal label or extended content label, such as an expanding fold-out panel, can work effectively whether a product is being simultaneously promoted in different parts of the world or in multilingual communities.The languages may appear side-by-side, or the major language may be displayed on the label’s outer face. Experienced label producers will tailor a solution that fulfill both regulatory requirements and market demands.
  3. Save money on packaging, shipping, printing, etc.
    Avoid additional inserts of paper for compliance-related language. Omit the double inventory for the Spanish-language version of the product. Examine the cost of the alternatives to determine how much money peel and reseal labels save.The savings potential is much larger if you collaborate with a label manufacturer who can digitally print peel and reseal labels. Why? Digital printing allows producers to maintain minimal stocks and reduce losses in the event that laws change often. In turn, this helps businesses to deliver updated products to market as quickly as possible, decreasing turnaround time and revenue losses and limiting the risk of noncompliance.
  4. Generate more sales.
    Do not undervalue the ability of a label to enhance marketing capacity. Peel and reseal labels are a cost-effective and inventive method for increasing customer response and brand engagement.Consider the label as purchased and paid-for advertising space; simply add your promotional message.Consider a food manufacturer or distributor that distributes both sausage and cheese goods. A peel and reseal label enables the manufacturer to market the corresponding cheese product on the second layer of the label, and vice versa.In addition to sweepstakes game pieces, directions of use, recipes, and instantly redeemable coupons, peel and reseal labels have marketing possibilities for the following: instant redeemable coupons, recipes, and instant redemption coupons.

Peel and reseal labels may not garner much attention, but they are all around you if you take the time to look. In order to offer space for additional text or pictures, these labels are commonly created for difficult-to-hold wipe applications and food-based reseal applications. Due to the practical design of the label and the branding components, these labels are highly engineered.

Industries including personal care and dry food products employ this choice to assure the correct level of convenience as consumers continue to rely on portable, simple-to-open packaging. It is simple to understand why consumers choose sandwich labels given their practical advantages.

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