Customized Printed Foil Labels

Looking for a way to draw attention to your products? Unimax has the answer. We offer custom printed foil labels for your packaging solutions. Whether you need a new design for your product seals or a new label for your container, we can provide the best choices for your needs.

Different Foil Label Designs

We have silver and gold foil laser labels — you can choose from different coloured papers and shapes to print on the foil. We use black, red, green, and blue ink for our creations; blank designs are also available. Our tags come in special adhesives for long lasting bond.

Why Choose Unimax Products?

When it comes to quality, no other company comes close to what Unimax offers. Our company takes pride in having:

• Excellent workmanship
• Fast, reliable service
• Creative designs
• Computerised production
• Best value for printouts
• Unparalleled customer satisfaction

Stand Out from the Rest with Unimax Custom Products

Smart packaging and labelling can go a long way—these draw customers and help you build an impressive image. Unimax will serve as your partner in establishing that image.
Contact our team and send us your design specifications. We’ll be more than glad to provide a quote, along with a detailed proposal and stock samples of our foil labels for laser printer.

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