Fridge Stickers in New Zealand

Fridge stickers are an excellent way to promote your product at that critical point of purchase.

•    UV offset printing technology delivers vibrant design and high quality finish
•    Available in wide range of shapes and sizes
•    High grade plastic or recyclable polypropylene substrate
•    Durable finish with light fast inks resistant to fading
•    Permanent, Removable, and Ultra Removable adhesive options
•    Static vinyl, cling or Octopus options available.

What are fridge stickers?

A fridge sticker is a little sticker, frequently linked to an artistic or quirky ornament, that can be used to post items such as grocery lists, Christmas cards, child artwork, or reminders on a refrigerator door, or that serves as decoration. Fridge magnets are available in a range of sizes and forms, and they can be imprinted with promotional slogans. In addition to refrigerators, fridge stickers are frequently affixed to steel-backed whiteboards and bulletin boards, as well as filing cabinets and tool chests. They are popular souvenir and collecting goods.

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