Bumper / Car Stickers & Window Stickers

Make your brand more visible with our car stickers and Window Stickers! 

If you want to market your company or brand at a super affordable price, these car stickers and window decals are exactly what you need!

Here’s why you need to use car stickers and window decals:

  • It creates a statement.
  • More people will know your brand.
  • It establishes brand authority.
  • Car stickers / window decals are very affordable.
  • It is durable and waterproof.

Bumper / Car Stickers and Window Stickers are a cost effective method to increase visibility of your brand or message.

  • UV offset printing technology delivers vibrant design and high quality finish. 
  • Screen printing technology for vibrant colours with excellent opacity and fade resistance for extended longevity.
  • Available in wide range of shapes and sizes.
  • High grade plastic or recyclable polypropylene substrates.
  • Clear or white substrates.
  • Durable finish with light fast inks resistant to fading.
  • One way or two way reading window decals.
  • Car service and lube labels.

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