Barcode Labels in NZ for Label Printing

Barcode labels in NZ are often overlooked, but this tool makes a world of difference when it comes to effective stock management, and when it comes to ensuring that your business manages its resources accurately.

With our barcode label printing solutions, you can now keep better track of your inventory. Unimax can offer the best options for your business, and we have the tools and technology to get the job done efficiently.

Apart from better stock and resource management, our New Zealand barcode labels also offer the following business advantages:

  • minimises the possibility of human error
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Speeds up data turnaround

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Providing Durable Tags with Quality Graphics

Products and parcels are passed around, sometimes under extreme conditions. To avoid having problems tracking your products or parcels, we create durable tags with quality graphics. We use high-standard label paper and cutting-edge print technology to produce your barcodes. These can withstand abrasion, temperature, and moisture.

Offering Different Designs for Every Barcode Application

Whether you need tags to monitor your inventory or include a price code for your retail products, our staff has your needs covered. We offer barcode printers, and blank or partially printed labels for every barcode application. With Unimax, barcode printing will be the least of your concerns.

Exceeding Customer Expectations with High Quality Barcodes NZ

As a trusted supplier of barcodes, printers and label,  Unimax adheres to high industry standards to deliver the best products at competitive prices. With our quality workmanship, client satisfaction is a guarantee.

Contact us to get a quote for your barcode label needs. We’ll provide a detailed printing proposal after receiving your specifications.

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