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What We Can Offer – Our Products

Agriculture labels


Unimax’s peel pro labels are a perfect solution for agricultural labelling with stickability allowing for easy consumer removability but secure enough for outdoor conditions and a high chemical resistance.

We offer this solution with biodegradability, barcode printability and with multilayered options allowing significant promotional possibilities. Our NZ labels are a highly cost effective small space solution.

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Courier labels


With high volumes and low margins the courier industry requires a cost effective solution that provides high traceability, easily identifiable barcoding and significant strength in a robust environment.

Our synthetic and laminated smart label stocks are made to withstand refrigeration, humidity and damage. ISO quality systems ensure conformity with regulation for our labels in NZ.

Health labels


We make pharmacy labels, pharmacy supply labels, pharmacy product labels, pharmacy bottle labels, pharmacy health labels, pharmacy product labels, healthcare labels, medical labels and medical supply labels.

Unimax also prints 3-part direct thermal dispensary labels for pharmacies all around New Zealand. These labels have a special adhesive which can be removable and is a critical part of function they perform.

Food labels


High-quality custom food labels and stickers whether for hot or cold filled products, freezer or hot serve-over. Waterproof or water resistant. We’ve produced labels for hot sauce, water bottles, salsa, barbeque sauce, coffee bags, beer, personal care, juice, milk, dairy, soft drinks, honey, olive oils, eggs or meat. Unimax offers a compelling and cost effective rate across all.

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Laser labels


Unimax specialises in Laser label sheets, A4 laser labels and laser label printing. We can help you with the following:
A4 laser labels – A4 sheets of pre-diecut labels –  these are printed through laser inkjet or multifunction printing.

We can make customised printed and/or blank  – We also have a range of stock laser labels which you can buy prepacked.

Our manufacturing department is set up to manufacture true A4 size labels.

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Thermal labels


We make the very best thermal labels, direct thermal labels, thermal barcode labels, thermal printer labels, thermal transfer label, custom thermal labels, thermal shipping labels, blank thermal labels, bar code label, transfer labels and thermal adhesive label.

We print freight labels and courier labels – courier labels are printed using the direct thermal process and are typically blanks that we hold in stock for our customers.

Foil labels


Unimax manufacture a large variety of foil labels such assilver foil, gold foil, embossed or custom foil, laser foil, foil stamped, metallic foil and foil packaging labels.

Our embossed foil seals they are available without ink or with red, blue, green, or black ink added to enhance detail. A variety of  circles, ribbon seals, banner seals, bursts, rectangles, and ovals are available all on gold or silver foil. We also produce an assortment    of clear, white, or coloured papers which are available for stamping with gold or silver foil.

Unimax also produce Anniversary and award seals available in a number of stock sizes/shapes. Using white gloss paper, silver or gold foil.

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Digital labels


Unimax offers the full gamut of digital labels, custom labels, digital self adhesive labels, digital bar code labels and digital clear labels.

We make up A4 sheets of digital labels which you can peel off and use for your various marketing events. We can produce digital label sheets on A4 by printing on pre-diecut A4 sheets.

We have worked extensively in personal care and are acutely aware of regulation requirents and warnings.

Unimax offers personal care labels, make-up labels, body care labels, and product care labels.

Barcode labels


Unimax manufacture and specialise in barcode label printing, barcode labelling, barcode printer labels, thermal barcode label, barcode printer labels, custom barcode labels, printed barcode labels and we are professional bar code label makers.

Freight labels or courier labels are printed using the direct thermal process and are typically blanks that we hold in stock and send out when necessary.

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Wine labels


From the most premium high-end brands through to customised or corporate labels. We offer high quality and affordable custom beverage labels including premium wine labels and champagne labels. Holographic, foils, synthetics, laminates, varnishes – stocks and laminates enhance your shelf appeal and give your brand a first class ticket.

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Over 900 customers developed over 70 years use our labels in a wide range of industries.

We stand behind our work. If your labels don’t work for you – return them to us within 7 days – and we’ll replace them – absolutely free.