About Unimax

We are ISO Certified and part of Self Adhesive Label Makers Association (SALMA) and Print NZ – your assurance of quality standards at every stage.

  • Our staff work with a unique 28 point checklist.
  • We work with 250 different materials and 24 different processes.
  • You get a detailed proposal within 48 hours along with stock samples.
  • Over 30 years experience lets us combine materials and processes to give you the best value labels.
  • We process art from any stage - concept, rough art, film, disc, email art.
  • Detailed computerised production orders ensure your labels meet your requirements exactly and guarantee your reprints are always right.
  • We are committed.

Our goals are to:

  • Reuse or recycle the majority of physical waste generated.
  • Reduce our energy consumption.
  • Improve the ergonomic efficiency of our workplace.
  • Ensure use of our current equipment is efficient.
  • Offer customers self-adhesive labels with low environmental impact.

Dinesh Kumar, Director

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